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My name is Kristin and I am new here. This is my first time posting in here, I joined the Community a couple of weeks ago but I have been a LJ user for years. I really am just looking to meet some Christian friends online...and to hopefully revive this community in the process, it seems as though it has been rather quiet lately.

So a little bit about me. I am 24, live in California and currently work and go to school. I re-dedicated my life to Christ last May after walking astray for a few years.

I recently came across Relevant Magazine, which then led to their website, which then led me to look for a community here.

Anyway if there is anyone who is looking for some Christian friends say Hi!

Alot of my journal posts are Friends Only, but if you add me I will add you!

Take Care Everyone and God Bless,
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hi kristin, welcome! just curious, but whereabouts in CA do you live? i live in orange county but am probably moving back to the san gabriel valley next year....

praise God for you rededicating your life, what a blessing :)
I have lived all over California and grew up in Southern California but now I live in the Fresno area. :)

Nice to meet you...
hey kristin..i'd love to be added to your friends..i'll add you back aswell!!

Awesome. Thanks for replying and I will add you! :D
welcome to the community!!

where did you get those awesome alias mood icon thingies? i've noticed people with U2 ones as well. those are awesome!

<3 sarah

You can make your own if you are super talented. Or you can find a nice person who shares them like I did. Mine came from
I am a big Alias fan so I love them!

And thanks for the welcome! Nice to meet you :D
Hi Kristin, I'd like to meet Christian friends too, may I add you?
Please add me. Sorry for not replying sooner, I was out of town. I will add you as well. :D
Hey Kristin! Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you as well. :)
Is it okay if I friend you?
Sure, but I was hoping we could talk, too. You seem like a really cool person. I'm switchfootlvr2 on AIM and frap_maniac on YIM. (I know they're weird IDs.. old, old IDs. Haha)
Sure. I will add you to my lists. I am usually on YIM,MSN and AIM evenings since during the day I am at work. My Ids are

YIM. Starsshinequietly
AIM. Kristinn80